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Industrial Automation

We are an electrical company that specializes in the automation of industrial production and distribution systems.  We have expertise in assembly, storage, sortation, paint, oven, robotic, materials handling and baggage handling systems.

  • Process Design.

  • Electrical Circuit Design.

  • Panel Design.

  • Software design for PLC, HMI, Panel PC & SCADA systems

  • Low & Medium voltage distribution boards.

  • Control Cabinets.

  • PLC Software development.

  • Electrical Schematics and System Documentation.

  • Control Cabinets.

  • Electrical equipment

  • Cable support & termination

  • Commissioning

  • Break fix maintenance\

  • General maintenance

  • Upgrading and refurbishing

  • Training

Ready to find out more?

We offer a range of services in the areas of consulting, project management, design, manufacturing, installation and support.  Our services can be provided as an end-to-end solution for small or large scale projects or can be combined as required to meet the individual needs of our clients.  All services are governed by industry standards and best practices.


Unit 8 and 9, Pabalego Factories

82b Schooner Avenue, Laser park

Tel. (011) 794 9653

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